Mobil FM 222

Mobil FM 222

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Mobilgrease™ FM 222 are high performance multi-purpose products designed specifically for the lubrication of food processing machinery. Mobilgrease FM 222 are formulated with components meeting the requirements of CFR 178.3570, Chapter 21, and are NSF registered as H1 classified lubricants.

The Mobilgrease and FM222 are manufactured at ISO 22000 certified facilities that also meet the requirements of ISO 21469 helping to ensure that the highest levels product integrity are maintained. Food processing equipment often operates in a variety of environments, covering the extremes of temperatures from oven to freezer operations, as well as a high level of contamination from water, steam and cleaning agents.

Mobilgrease FM 222 were developed as multipurpose grease lubricants capable of providing excellent lubrication in all of these environments.

Mobilgrease FM 222 are engineered with excellent water resistance to withstand periodic washdown and cleaning operations frequent in the food processing industry. Rust inhibition is a critical property for the industry.

Mobilgrease FM 222 are formulated with an excellent rust inhibition package which, working in concert with the water resistance properties, will provide protection against rust. The select base oils coupled with excellent thickener shear stability translates into an ability to provide lubrication over a wide range of speeds, loads and temperatures.

Mobilgrease FM 222 are also formulated to handle a variety of loads, exhibiting good protection against wear and shock load conditions.

Mobilgrease FM 222 were designed to meet many global performance and cultural requirements, including:

- NSF H1 Registered 

- DIN 51825 KPF2K-20 (for Mobilgrease FM 222)

- Kosher/Parve

- Halal