Transformer Oil PAK HY (205L)

Transformer Oil (205L)

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Transformer Oil is a selected refined mineral oil having the properties of insulating coils of transformers, switches and circuit breakers both electrically and thermally. The oil must have very low viscosity and high chemical and oxidation stability with Flash Point of 275 - 325° F.

Transformer Oils are prepared by careful selection of crude oil and greater degree of refining. The oil is refined in such a way that it imparts exceptional high oxidation and high resistance to gas formation. The oil shows high degree of dielectric properties and resistance to power losses. Well-stabilized methods are used to control the quality of the oil in order to meet international standard specification and maximum trouble free services. Transformer Oil is made for transformers as well as for insulating switchgears and circuit breakers.

Transformer Oils have two main functions, insulation and cooling. These two functions are both important and good transformer oils must possess these properties over a long period of time despite temperature increase, contact with metals etc. The careful selection and optimum refining of crude oils are the only way to develop these properties. HY-TRANS is produced according to IEC 60296 specification suitably adjusted for tropical areas. It also meets the specification of BS - 148.


IEC-296 Appearance Visual
ISO-2049 Color (ASTM)
ISO-12185 Density at 20 oC  Kg/dm3 0.895(Max)
ISO-3104 Viscosity Kinematic at 40 oC cSt 12(Max)
ISO-3104 Viscosity Kinematic at -20 oC cSt (Lcset) 1800(Max)
DIN 51353
Corrosive Sulphur Non Corrosive
IEC-62021-1 Total Acid No mg KOH/gm (Potentiometric) 0.01(Max)
ISO-2719 Flash Point PMCC oC 135(Min)
ISO-3016 Pour Point oC -30(Max)
IEC-60156 Di Electric Strength K.V. 30(Min)
IEC-61125C Oxidation stability
  (a) Sludge Value % WT 0.8(Max)
  (b) Acidity after Oxidation mg KOH/gm 1.2(Max)
  (c) DDF @ 90 °C 0.500(Max)
IEC-60814 Water Content (ppm) 30(Max)
IEC-60247 Tangent Delta at 90 °C, 0.005(Max)
ISO-6295 Interfacial Tension mN/m N.G.R
IEC-61198 2-Furfural content (ppm) 0.1(Max)
BS-2000 Part-346 PCA 3%(Max)
EPA 9079
PCB content* N.D
IEC-60666 Antioxidant additive** U/T/I