Caltex Rando® HD 220 Hydraulic Oil

Caltex Rando® HD 220 Hydraulic Oil

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Rando® HD are efficient performance anti-wear hydraulic fluids designed for use in both mobile and stationary high pressure hydraulic systems.

Available in 208L 


  • Protects equipment
    Robust anti-wear additive package minimizes wear by protecting surfaces when load causes breakdown of the lubricant film.
  • Minimizes downtime
    Rust and oxidation inhibitors help to prevent the production of abrasive particles from rust formation, and deposits, varnishes and sludges from oil breakdown, which can damage equipment surfaces and seals, and block filters prematurely.
  • Smooth operation
    Good hydrolytic stability and water separation characteristics promote excellent filterability in the presence of water contamination. Good anti-foam and air release properties help ensure smooth operation and system efficiency.


    • Industrial hydraulic systems.
    • Hydraulics of mobile and construction equipment where a water separating oil is required.
    • Hydraulic systems with vane, gear or piston pumps.

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